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Blueberry3D frequently asked questions

Vous avez une question ? N'hésitez pas à interroger votre Distributeur ou à contacter directement Bionatics. Auparavant, nous avons sélectionné pour vous les questions les plus fréquemment posées avant ou après l'acquisition. Elles sont organisées par thèmes ci-dessous :

Marketing et commercial

THEME : Questions commerciales

  1.    Do I need both Blueberry3D Terrain Editor and Blueberry3D Real-Time Integration Kit as part of my Database production workflow ?

    • Blueberry3D® Terrain Editor (TE) is the editing tool that helps you to design your visual terrain database from geographical source data. By comparison with static polygonal approach, it is equivalent to any software you may use to produce static Openflight database (for instance TerraVista from Presgis), expect it does not produce any polygons at this step, but procedural 3D content definition.

      Blueberry3D® Real-Time Integration Kit (RTIK) is the SDK/API that allows you to plug Blueberry3D technology within your IG, but it also provides you with optimization tools in order to tune the procedural content to perfectly match your targeted simulation environment (Hardware and Software). One of the main advantage of procedural terrain approach is that the same procedural database can be adapted in real-time differently depending the HW/SW configuration or the final simulation usage.

      So depending if you are involved in Database design and/or simulation application development you may need Blueberry3D TE or Blueberry3D RTIK or both.
      And if you need to have terrain consistency with non visual simulation components like CGF, we do recommend you also to acquire Blueberry3D® Tactical Terrain SDK in order to get precision while keeping performances.
  2.    What's new in Blueberry3D version 4?

    • Blueberry3D® version 4 brings real-time procedural terrain a step further by adding :

      • Dynamic Terrain (Craters, trenches, roads, fire results...),
        terrain consistency with non visual components (CGF, physics engine,...) thanks to its new Tactical Terrain SDK.
      This 4th Blueberry3D generation should regularly evolve by supporting new off-the-shelf IGs or additional 3rd Party technologies.

      In addition, Blueberry3D® version 4 does support 64 bits architecture.