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Blueberry3D frequently asked questions

Vous avez une question ? N'hésitez pas à interroger votre Distributeur ou à contacter directement Bionatics. Auparavant, nous avons sélectionné pour vous les questions les plus fréquemment posées avant ou après l'acquisition. Elles sont organisées par thèmes ci-dessous :

Marketing et commercial

THEME : Info sur les logiciels Tiers

  1.    May I adapt/improve Blueberry3D integration within the IG I use ?

    • Yes you may.
      Blueberry3D® Real-Time Integration Kit (RTIK) is a SDK that allows you to plug Blueberry3D procedural terrain technology within your IG. Blueberry3D RTIK includes existing plugins for off-the-shelf IGs with full source code exposed.
      You may either use the proposed plugins if it exists for your IG or derive it in order to better match your needs.
  2.    Vega Prime: Does Blueberry3D use the Vega Scene Graph (VSG)?

    • Yes, Blueberry3D is fully integrated with Vega Prime and uses the Vega Scene Graph to render geometry just like any other third party module. This means that a user will have access to all Vega functionality and can interact fully with the Blueberry3D terrain.
  3.    Vega Prime : Will there be a LynX Prime interface for Blueberry3D?

    • Yes, as with almost every Presagis Vega Prime module, there is a complete LynX GUI and a C++ API which allows the user access to all the call functions. Within the LynX interface it is possible to define all the parameters within Blueberry3D and to optimize the application to meet not only hardware requirements but the behavior of motion models (tank, helicopter and airplane motion models can have different optimal settings for better performance).